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Top 10 Shower Strategies for Your Bathroom

Shower strategiesA shower is a great way to jump-start your
morning as well as develop your singing voice.
If you have or plan to install a stand-alone
shower, keep in mind that:A shower shall can be squeezed into 32
square inches, but 36 square inches is much
more comfortable.

Your home should have at least one tub
for resale purposes to satisfy buyers who
love to soak or have young children.You can add steam to your shower.

Steam loosens tight muscles, increases circulation, and clears the sinuses.By installing extra jets at different
heights in your shower stall, you can have a
full-body shower. This is a real treat!Shower PlusDorothy and John Nelson, condominium owners, had
a bathroom with a tub and a small shower.

The couple hardly ever used their tub, so when they
remodeled, the tub was removed to made space for
a large walk-in shower. The new shower, enclosed
with a curving glass-block wall, had a grab bar,
a bench for pedicures, a fully adjustable
showerhead, and a niche for shampoo and shower
gel.Originally, the bathroom didn’t have a window.
The Nelsons had a flared skylight installed
which now floods the space with natural light
that sparkles through the glass wall of the
shower. Delores Hyden, a designer, says,
“Bringing in daylight makes the room appear much
larger.” Two walls of the shower were lined with
stone files and the rest of the room was
decorated in forma wainscot.

A wainscot-high
partition was built at the far end of the vanity to hide the toilet. For this, you should have installed a small toilet in your bathroom. Checkout perfect guide for buying a best commode.

A contemporary look and European flair were
achieved with smooth finishes and fittings.
Dorothy chose limestone for the files on the
floor and walls.

The limestone is inset with
matte charcoal-gray slate cut into triangles and
placed at random. To conserve wall space, a
two-tier Euro-style towel bar was installed next
to the shower. Pull-out shelves housing
vinyl-coated wire baskets keep the bathroom
tidy. Radiant floor heating under the files
welcomes bare feet.

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